Tuesday, August 28, 2012

posting from a while back...

Dominique goes hard all the time and will often crash if immobilized.  Here she was totally out before bed while Brian read the kids a book.  She's also a goner in the van on trips or rides back from the beach.  She gets that from me.

I've noticed this summer that Dominique's hair is starting to get more wave/curl to it.  She doesn't have as much curl as Emora yet, but it's definitely not as straight as it used to be either.

She is so excited for grade one!  She's been excited about it for about 8 months, since she heard that the next grade after kindergarten is grade 1.  All summer, she's asked me when it will start again.

It's going to be a change for Emora and I since Dominique will now be a full time student!  I can't say I'll miss the kindergarten schedule.  It took monumental effort to figure out which days she was there or home and so which days to arrange play dates for her or those for Emora.

Everyone buckled in?

This was the day that Ivan and Dominique got to go with Dominique's best friend Sierra (and her dad) on their boat.  Ivan decided then and there that Sierra was also his best friend and that he was going to marry her.  Poor guy likes to have things planned out and we've told him he really doesn't have to plan EVERYTHING out yet!

We've been so fortunate in that people share clothes with us and we are able to share with others.  Thus said, I had a box of clothes for Dominique to grow into and I thought with school approaching, I'd better see if their jeans still fit (they didn't).  So we bagged up all their too small clothes, which got to go to several households according to whose waists and torso aligned with our kids'.  Both Ivan and Dominique had fits having to say good bye to their beloved clothes, but when they saw the new bounty, their tears turned to excitement.  I couldn't believe how much time it took!  I thought I'd be a few hours and it took a couple of days!- and I haven't even tried to tackle Emora's closet.  Time enough for that later as we get the first two set for the school routine.


GMS said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your posts & pictures.
When does school start up there?
Ours is Sept. 6th.

Angela said...

thanks Sue! School starts here Tues. At the start of the week, I wasn't ready for them to go back yet, but the lakes are green and by afternoon the kids were driving me a bit batty- so I started looking forward to our up coming new routine.