Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outings in Saskatoon area

We went to a couple of other places while in Saskatoon.  We always enjoy Pooh Corner at the Main library.  It's downtown, so we have to pay crazy in parking, but it's worth it to see their free and incredible performances.  The guys who did the set this day had made up the skits  based on a couple of Pooh stories and Dominique was so excited because she got to be in one of the skits on "stage".  Jenn must have taken this picture of the cousin gang there.

My friend's husband and son race dirt bikes down the road from mom and dad's so we got to go watch the last race of the night.  The sun was setting- Ivan was so excited to watch and the girls were glad there was a swing set and flowers there.

I got to meet Sarah and Joe's new baby too- she didn't mind the loud noises at all!

Ivan- who gets quite tired of doing all the "girl" things all the time, was getting all sorts of great attention and Noah let him sit on his bike.

... while Dominique picked flowers.

Talking about picking.  Mom had an idea for some painting she wanted done.  She wanted to blend the wallpaper decor in between the shelves in the computer room into a mural on the ceiling.  This used to be my old room when we first moved out to the acreage.  Then it became my brother's and now it is a great office space.  I painted the ceiling the same color as the accent walls, then started painting, but it looked too flat, so I bumbed some drywall mud off of dad and added that as a base for more texture and dimension.  Then I painted the browns by sponging, mom and I picked some leaves around the acreage and I used them as stamps for the designs, finally, I blended some blue back into the mural and did some accents in the corners of the ceiling to match.  I took about a day and a half, so I was super thankful to dad who entertained the kids all day!

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GMS said...

Ivan looks so tall on that bike.
All 3 are getting so big.
That ceiling looks so neat I could lay on the floor and look at it and feel peaceful.