Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden fun!

This was our daily haul over a week ago, since then we also started picking brocoli, I got a rutabaga and some tomatoes and a few raspberries.

The kids wanted to make funny pictures with their veggies.  I found out you can eat the tops too, so I've been adding them to stir fries or using my Kale chip recipe to cook up beet and kohl rabi greens.  I need to try the brocoli greens that way too.  You bake them for about 20 min. with a little oil and salt on them and they come out crispy and so delicious.  They all like them much better as "chips" than as veggies in a stir fry!

They also like them better raw from the garden, just as dad had said!  But there is something about eating something we planted and grew that is fun, so they've been eating their veggies a bit better when it was our own.

Brian getting in the act too.  We've had lots and lots of lettuce.  We usually prefer spinach, but it went to seed right away while the lettuce just keeps growing, so we'll probably just do the lettuce next year.

I wasn't even going to plant green beans since it's not the kids' favorite, but my cousin Ian found the seeds, so we planted them.  I'm so glad I did!

I learned another lesson in a weird way-- always ask a teen for advice with tech stuff.  Our wii stopped working after an electrical storm and it had a disk in it, so Ivan has been ripping the wii apart to at least salvage the disk and we plan on getting another wii at some point- but then the teen next door told me that you just have to reset the wii- that their's goes out all the time with power outages!  Yeah- stupid us!  So now we still have to get the disk out knowing that the thing could have worked if we hadn't ripped up apart!  Live and learn.


Nana said...

Yum, Yum, Yum! Nothing is better then eating something good and fresh, especially if you grew it yourself. I have heard and eaten pickled okra but never pickled broccoli.

Angela said...

oops- I meant to say that we tried pickled flavored Kohl rabi! I don't think I'll be pickling or canning. I have no idea how to do that, but I did get a bunch of apples in the freezer and will be making apple sauce to freeze.