Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vacation week is winding down!

I was happy that we got to finish off Easter break with a big bunch of fun. Last weekend was Saskatoon with family Easter and a bit of cousin time. We also got to go swimming and have Jamaican food at a restaurant ;)

When we got back, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so we didn't venture too far from the house.

Brian got a couple of days off, so he got to do some work on the garage and Fri. we went in to the city to visit with and have lunch with a friend.

Then we went to an awesome museum as a family. It was fun to get to have Brian with us since I get to have most the fun with the kids while he's at work.
Then while Brian took the van to get new brakes, the kids and I played at a park and went swimming. Ideally, I could take the kids swimming once a week and go once by myself. That would be so awesome in my perfect world. But even with the kids, I do get a huge benefit of being in the water.

Our Just Dance 3 training seems to be taking effect. While waiting for a changing room, our favorite song came in over the loudspeaker, and my kids could actually remember the dance moves and which character they were! They were so cute dancing in the hall in their wet swimsuits while other families and I waited. Swimming was a bit chaotic. When we arrived, it was at max capacity and we had to wait for people to exit. Not only was it full, but a lifesaving class was going on. So for about 30min to an hour, every few minutes some teen/adult pretended to have a major accident or drowning episode while others hollered and rescued them, at times with stretchers, IEDs, medical equipment... After a while we got used to it and the kids liked to watch the procedures, but you could tell that newbies in the pool were a bit shocked to see it all.

Today was gorgeous and we had a birthday to attend. The kids had so much fun and it was good to be a part of it all.


Ian said...

You will have to visit again and maybe stay longer!

GMS said...

Sounds like exciting, busy times occur on a regular basis at your house.