Sunday, April 22, 2012

What a wonderful day!

The sun came out today!  We've had rainy weather, which is needed from time to time, but makes things a bit gloomier looking.  Today we had full out sun and warm temps (about 25C or mid 70F).  Arwen was over and the kids insisted on putting water in the pool.  They were SO hot!  But not so much once the water was in.  Even with hot house water, the got cold pretty quickly, but no matter it was so lovely outside!
It made us realize that summer is on it's way, so that is so fun!  We have new fish and plants are peeking through in the flower garden.  I need to start weeding and in a few weeks, we can get a garden in, so we need to figure out what to plant and build a fence.
This week is also the start of soccer, so that is fun.

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