Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter pics

It was a bit cool outside and although the kids would have gladly hunted in the cold, I think us adults were not relishing the idea, so we opted to hunt eggs inside at mom and dad's.

We had chocolate eggs of course and I asked dad if he had some pennies to trade for my loony, but he handed over a big jar full of coins including nickels, dimes, loonies and twonies. I told the kids just to use the small coins and put a couple in each egg, but I think dad got robbed a bit!

We had the cutest Easter bunny!
Before we left for Saskatoon, Sunshine was checking out an Easter basket. I bet he won't fit in it this easily next year!

Today we unpacked, did laundry, gorged ourselves on the wii and went for a walk to get some things at stores, including advice and materials for a fish tank. Mom and dad got a bigger tank to winter their pond fish in, so I asked what they did with their old one and they asked if I wanted it. I was just realizing, that after all this time, we will have our original combination of pets. When Ivan was a baby, we had Saba, a cat and fish. It'll be fun to have all three again.

Do you have pets? What kind and how many? What did you have in pets growing up?

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Kimberley said...

I didn't know that you got a new kitten. She's so sweet. We have a fondness for orange tabbies in our house.