Wednesday, April 04, 2012

2 weekends in a row!

I can barely get these pictures up and posted before we will see them again! This last weekend Jenn and her family came out to stay the nights while we all went to WCC's final homecoming and this weekend we are headed Saskatoon way to catch them before Easter. The kids have Thurs. Fri and all of next week off!! I'm hoping we will get to do some fun things. Regina has a great history/science museum that Brian hasn't seen and I'd love to take the kids to again and it would be fun to take in an art museum too, swimming, maybe in Saskatoon we'll walk some trails at Beaver Creek- that is one of my favorites.

Here we were trying to go on a little walk around town with the cousins.

The sun was bright and we have been enjoying bike weather, although they say we could get snow this weekend!!

Hope you have a great Easter!


GMS said...

Thanks so much for the lovely Easter card with everyone's writing on it.
We are having a picnic at out house after service for the church

Olivia said...

I bet it is getting beautiful there now. I remember you posting photos of the summer last year and it is so beautiful...although I really like winter as well. Have you ever heard Nichole Nordeman's song "Every Seson"? I think you would really like it. Love you all