Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Weekend reunion

We had a quasi mini family reunion this weekend in Regina. A school where I went for a year of bible college and taught a year held it's final homecoming as it is closing it's doors. My great Uncle Cecil was one of the key players in the start of the school and was the author of the school song. Family came in from all over along with hundreds and hundreds of alumni. The kids thought it was "the best weekend ever!" First of all, Auntie Jenn, Uncle John, Imogen and Isaac stayed at our house and then they got to see cousins at the college and the declaration of it being the best weekend ever came when they realized we were having pizza for supper. We had lunch with family, then with a couple of hours until the next event, the kids all played and colored.

Moira was awesome, organizing games in a small, hot location. She had a game where the kids were supposed to pretend to sleep. Gotta like that one!

Uncle Duff flew in from BC. Here are my brother and his wife with my uncle...

and here is the rest of the family that was able to make it.

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