Wednesday, April 11, 2012

more bunny fun

I still have many pictures from our trip to Saskatoon, so here's the next installment. Auntie Andrea organized coloring for the kids, ok- I did some too. Ivan is not a fan of coloring, so I did his. Emora is always making me color with her, but this time I chose to! Must have some kid left in me. I take that as a good sign.

There may be some more adults in the house with a kid in her heart! Andrea has perhaps started a tradition? She made a sheep cake lake year and now added a bunny. They were hazelnut flavored. Mom made an amazing "Easter" spread (it was actually good Friday because that's when we could all be together). It was nice to feast and be spoiled with FANCY food!

It's always fun to see how the kids have grown and developed. My nephew Isaac's hair is curling more- so cute and he is saying more and more words. I still have to work on my auntie magic with him. He doesn't come running to me with delight yet, but I've got his sister charmed ;) All in time little man.

My favorite quote from the stay was made by Imogen. I was pretending to be a bunny and Imogen said to Emora- "Emora, your mom is CRAZY!" Made me laugh so hard and was so worth the acting.

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