Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunshine in the heart, on the floor, on the table

We are in kitty mode, trying to house train the kitty- oh he knows how to use his litter box, but he would also like to eat along with us, snag all our food, clean the counters, stove and sink.  There is not much we can do about some things, but we are trying to keep him off the table, dining chairs and counter top.  It's not easy- "PSST" doesn't phase this cat and neither does the spray bottle.  So far he has run off with many a waffle and is so fast that my slow eaters often get their plates robbed.  I've never seen a cat that does not fear water like this one.  He's already fallen into the bath with the shower running and has tried to get in the toilet.  He has gotten in the clothes in the washer and stayed in there with water pouring in.  He LOVES our fish too.  We all have kitty scratches, but he's pretty fun too.

Thanks to my cousin Janet, I am slowly learning to engage here.  Brian helped me realize that it's a different frame of mind that we were not used to in Abilene.  Sure we went outside some, but the parks were about he extent of that and it was to go on the play structures.  The first year here, I was bewildered as to what all to do with the kids, but Janet has been good to remind me lately that our new home IS the play area.  There are hills to climb, places to bike or walk, beaches to visit, great picnic spots and adventures just waiting if we will just GO.  I often forget to take to the hills or beach, but I'm trying to refocus and get out because it is so rejuvenating and exciting to go check out the world around us.
I have also had a change of focus by writing some words of gratitude or thanks each night.  I have often heard of gratitude journals, but never thought to keep one.  I am still trying to do morning pages as suggested through the Artist Way and it's really helped me figure out my goals, hopes, prayers, direction for the day and for life in general, but my nightly 5 to 10 words have really given me a different perspective.  It takes no more than half a minute and I just write a word or a few for each point of what I liked most about the day... it could be as simple as someone saying "hello" which made me feel more a part of the community, or a great lunch food, or as big as a special moment with the kids, or even as huge as an awareness of how amazingly good the Lover has been to me in my life.  I've only written and done this 3 nights so far and it's incredible how those 30 secs has steered my heart to recognize the beauties, grasp hold of the treasures and even orient my day to being thankful and sharing joy with others.


GMS said...

LOVE the pictures and the words.

no suggestions on your kitty problem. The Dog Whisperer doesn't do cats.

walking in the sonshine said...

Love the idea of writting down words from your day.I will definately do this. Thanks

Anonymous said...

So you got fish after all? Good for you, so calming. Unless that cat gets in it. ;)

Olivia said...

Those photos are so sweet! And I love waffles...so good combo! Ha-ha! I am glad you can laugh about it though. Enjoy all the beauty God has given you....and if you see that singed area on the globe...ya....that used to Abilene!!!! It was 103 yesterday!!!! eeeek