Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baa baa black sheep

Apparently the black sheep do have a lot of wool for giving out. Helen was explaining that no one wants the black wool ;( These were twins born that morning. So fun for the kids to get to see real baby lambs.

Emora and I enjoyed walking to take the kids to and from school and even took the dog out for a bit. The sun finally decided to make an appearance, so we were glad to take it in a bit.

Tomorrow is carnaval night at the school. Always a fun night out.

The girls and I made a castle/house for her mini barbie that Dominique got at a party. It's been fun. I think we are having fun vicariously living through it. It has an indoor pool and is on a lake and of course it is SO lovely ;)

I felt a bit off last week, so that was my bad excuse to not exercise in forever. That is always a bad idea for me. Today I got even with myself and played our wii (I'm a bit addicted to Just Dance 3). I did about 5 songs too many. By the last one, I could barely move. But it sure does feel good to have done something again!

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GMS said...

Always good to do "something" & you certainly do keep busy even if you can't bring yourself to call it exercise.
I enjoyed the pictures as usual.