Monday, September 05, 2011

Mr Sandman

Last week we went to the beach for what we thought was a last beach day, but that was before we knew we would have a gorgeous-extra long weekend! We got to go canoeing yesterday and again today and swam a little bit, but the kids didn't get very adventurous today without their cousins at the beach. All they had was mom and dad!

These pics are all from last week's beach adventures.
This is one of our friends with the mermaid a couple of ladies built with the kid's help. I didn't talk much with the ladies, but they must have had some artistic abilities because this was one of the most elaborate sand creations I've seen there this summer- and they had lots of little helpers, which can help or hinder the process!

After the mermaid, the kids decided to bury Arwen, then Ivan in the sand.

He got a bit dirty.

We are LOVING playing at the beach and getting out to the parks to enjoy the amazing weather and nature around us. It was so great getting to see the pelicans so close and fly just 10 feet or so over our heads while we canoed. Emora was pretty terrified of the canoe yesterday and today, but once we are out on the water about 20 minutes, she finally stops crying and settles in for the ride. I'm hoping she will come to love boating, but it may take her some more times out to fully appreciate it! I have to admit, it can get a bit scary since we are not very experienced canoers and when some of those waves come up or a motor boat zips by, I was telling the kids "wee, look at the fun waves" all the while paddling my best and hoping we don't capsize- which we didn't! I wish they rented water equipment here. I would love to try out kayaking and these stand up paddle boards I've seen and see how much fun it would be to know what we may want to invest in.

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GMS said...

So happy you got to enjoy the beach some more. It's a long winter ahead.
Ivan looks like he really enjoyed getting dirty.