Wednesday, September 07, 2011

1st day of school pics

Tomorrow is Dominique's first full day of school. She went for a half day on Tuesday (they call it a staggered start and invite half the class to come for half a day so that they can have a first day in smaller groups). She was so exhausted after that first half day, so I'm wondering what a full day will do to her. We are trying to get them to bed earlier, but it's still hard getting up in the morning- especially for the beauty sleep queen Emora who unfortunately now has to be woken up in the morning and from naps due to the school schedule.

The way the angle came out in this pic makes Dominique look gigantic compared to Emora, doesn't it? Kind of funny and maybe a bit symbolic, if I wanted to get deep and philosophical, which I don't.

Ivan had so many materials to bring, they didn't all fit in his huge backpack.

Dominique requested a princess backpack for her birthday in the summer. I thought that was a win/win since she needed a backpack for school anyways and I could tick something off that school supply list in July!

Ivan thinks he's all grown up now that he's in grade 2. He wants to walk home from school by himself (which I'm not letting him do). He doesn't want me to wait for him in the hall anymore. He's changed his favorite color that he loved since birth (from green to blue) and he decided he LOVES writing (I'm hoping that will stick beyond today). I still haven't really had a chance to meet his teacher much, since I'm not waiting for him in the hallway. I keep thinking I need to get in there to at least say "hi, I'm Ivan's mom"- even if that will be SO EMBARRASSING for him!

I asked him if he was now too big to give me a kiss at school and he looked around the playground to make sure no one was there and gave me a quick peck ;) Glad he's not totally grown up yet!


GMS said...

Hard to believe Dominique has full day kindergarten. Up here only half day.
Hopefully, Emora may start falling asleep quicker for you.
Great pictures! So glad you shared with us all.

Nana said...

Is Ivan wearing "tie" shoes? Those should stay on without a problem. It's going to be an adjustment but sure everyone will comply with the bed time change.

Olivia said...

How cute! I love the photos of sleepy Emora.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of them,hard to believe. Oh yes I remember how independent you all were.Ivan will be embarrassed for a while until you get more active in his school life,At least that was my experience.After that things were cool especially when I was needed to help in field trips,and all those school and home activities. Love you all. mom

Ian said...

Thanks for sharing.