Sunday, September 04, 2011

beach day

Here are more pics from the beach day. I have enough pics to post a good 3 times on it, so I split them up by kids. Yesterday was Emora and today our other little princess on the water.

OK, I know these pics are very similar, but I just couldn't decide on my favorite! Which one do you like best? I'm needing to make prints some time in the near future and I can't print them all!

Out of all my kids, so far Dominique likes the water the best, and Emora the least, but we'll see if that will change with time.


Ian said...

The last one is good. Dominique looks like she is enjoying the cold water.

GMS said...

I like the closer up one only because you see her face the best in that one.
I know over time many things change including the preferences of children.

Nana said...

Next to the last. You see that "princess" smile. Oh well, does Dominique ever take a bad picture?