Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Growing up so fast

My kids seem to be on an accelerated growing program. I guess all kids are and that is why everyone says that they grow up so fast! Emora has lots of cute expressions that I find even more humorous coming from a 2 year old. Sometimes she tells me that "naps are HORRIBLE!", she likes to ask for "milk, a little bit, a little bit hot" (she never says warm, it used to be "nice"- like she wanted the water "nice", not hot or cold, but for her milk warm it's "a little bit, a little bit"). And our newest favorite "Mommy, the kitty cat is drinking my blanket". Apparently our kitten was weaned too early, which may be why she is a bit fixated on nursing. She sounds like she is drinking and leaves disgusting wet spots on Emora's blankets. Apparently Star has decided that Emora is in deed grown up and that she is the new baby of the house. At least she was easier litter trained than the human babies of the house. Her other bad habit is to be up on the table and counters and to steal food. She's even jumped onto the table and snagged food from under our noses WHILE WE WERE ALL AT THE TABLE EATING! She's fast I tell you. But recently the kids left a water gun out and Brian asked how it was working on the cat, which I had not used yet. So today, she started squirt gun training to get her off the table and counters. I'm not sure if it's keeping her off yet, but it's quite fun for me ;)

Dominique thinks she's all grown up too and in some ways she is. She is reading everyday (level 1 books). She loves school and is very picky about her wardrobe (I did NOT teach her that!) I wouldn't be surprised in fact if she becomes picky about my wardrobe too once she is a true fashionista (ie. teenager). She likes to ride her bike and wants to ride further and further without me at her side. She also requested that I not stay at the birthday party with her this weekend. "Just drop me off" she said. Oh, yeah, you think it's so easy huh Dominique!

Meanwhile, Ivan wants me to hold his hand or take him home and not venture out beyond what is familiar. So I'm having to suck it up a bit with Dominique that she doesn't "need" me so much, but with the oldest, I'm having to push him away a bit.

I don't know how well it's working, and yet, he thinks he's all grown up too. He is such a little bragger, saying he is the best at everything and knows everything, but irony or ironies, he has very little real self confidence. When approached with anything new, from an activity to a place, to a new author for a chapter book (I'm not joking), he balks a bit. Of course that trait plays to his advantage too. He rarely had skinned knees, and Dominique does all the time. His room is very nice and tidy, he is mister organized and Dominique who loves adventure is a bit more chaotic. So we are trying to help Ivan be less prideful and more humble, less fearful and more assured and confident.

I'm not complaining, as parents that is our goal to raise compassionate capable children and they seem more or less on that path, but it really does happen so very fast!


Nana said...

It sounds like Ivan and Dominique both have some of their dad's qualities. Brian was a neat freak. One of his friends mother's couldn't get over how he and Julie could both be playing in the same area, Brian would come in clean and Julie would walk in as if she had been rolling in the dirt! Dominique seems very observant and reserved before going full charge on things, her dad did also. Can't wait to see what qualities Emora picks up.

Anonymous said...

Ah...rest assured they will turn out all right.I at one time was more of a perfectionist and still embraces some of those traits. You inherited some of them as well.Your dad on the other hand well lets just say... "sigh" but you inherited some of his timidity Ivan inherited even more than his grandpa's timidity. Your oldest girl now inherited more of her aunt and definitely each of us.

sheena said...

Ahhhh... I love these kids

Anonymous said...

Those two girls are looking so grown up especially in the picture of them colouring. mom