Saturday, September 03, 2011

Last week's beach day

I was thinking we were having our last beach day last week so I took a ton of pictures. Enough to last us all winter maybe? It's been cold the last few days and fall has arrived suddenly, a few rain storms and even hail, but then I was told it's supposed to get in the 30s (90s farenheit) this week, so maybe we're not through with the beach yet!! ;) I do love being able to drop everything and head out if the temps are right. Of course the big kids will be in school, but that doesn't mean Emora and I can't go have some fun, maybe scrounge up a friend or two ;)

I got to go on a lovely bike ride the other day. I just love how walking or riding a bike lets me slow down and really notice my environment and nature.

I went down a road that is now closed due to flooding. It's now a perfectly charming bike trail and led to my favorite cliff overlooking the valley. I got to spy on some pelicans and spotted a blue herron again, so that was great fun!

I'm hoping we will get out in a canoe in the next day or too. Long weekends are so awesome!

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GMS said...

I am praying for y'all with the start of school & new challenges & schedules but know you will enjoy "Emora time" too.