Monday, September 26, 2011

a little canoeing

Some time ago we got to take the family out for a little canoeing.

It was mostly fun. Brian and I are still not very good at steering, so that was the not fun part. But it was beautiful.

Now just a few weeks later, everything already looks so very different. Fall has arrived and the hills are covered in ribbons of color. Janet and I took our youngest ones who are not in school to the town beach today to play and gaze at the colors.

I think we're going to try to hike up a little hill Wednesday that I haven't been to yet and I'm sure it will be a great picture op!

When we were canoeing, we got to explore this house a bit. It's in very bad shape, but right on the lake and so intriguing! Makes you wonder who lived there and how their lives went.

We've been doing a lot of reflection lately. A year ago, we were just starting to settle here- getting the house renovated and Ivan off to school. Now here we are with two off, the house more or less done, we have work and some acquaintances/friends. We still have a ways to feel like we really belong here, but this winter will be a far cry from last year when we felt so unsettled still. So that is nice to look forward to as the weather changes. Also, we may get to go to Texas at Christmas and so we are thinking of that "long ago" place in our lives. It seems like ages ago with all the change we've been through.


Nana said...

I was going to ask if y'all were coming to "deep in the heart of Texas" for Christmas. When will you know for sure?

GMS said...

I remember that you had a lot of fun last winter with the snow piles & skating, so this winter will be even better. Now for Grampa Ray & I it's a different story since we don't do winter sports.