Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mr Smartypants business entrepreneur

Ivan informed me this morning that he was going to buy his own ipod. "I just have to sell 5 rocks for $10". I asked if he really thought he could sell rocks for $10. He said "well, painted ones". Dominique suggested that he sell pictures instead. Before an hour had gone by, he had quite the operation. He'd made a sign that said "pictures for $10", then he had half a dozen neighborhood kids making pictures while he rode his bike. I heard Fiorella come from her house saying that her mom would not give her $10 and Ivan told her "well, you can't buy a picture then". I told him $10 may be a little steep. Brian offered some change to the girls who were drawing and they said the money was for Ivan! Later he changed his price to 6 cents. By that time there was a huge pile of paper and markers all over my steps, and papers flying off into the driveway, one paper airplane in our pine tree, caps and uncapped markers strewn about and Ivan still biking. He was quite sad that he hadn't sold a single picture after all his organizing. I reassured him that he would probably get some money for his birthday. He lamented that it was AGES away and I told him we are already Sept. and that Oct. really isn't that far from now!

We didn't get into a discussion about paying his laborers. I think they were creatives that worked for the love of art!

The boy hates to pick up a pen, pencil, marker or crayon, but apparently he can get a product if need be. I'll have to watch that he doesn't hire his sisters to do his homework in the future!

We got a surprise of a super long weekend off. Brian got Fri. and Mon. and is playing a gig Sat. night. Sheena is playing tonight and to support her we are going to go and eat super there too, which means I don't have to cook ;) And after being grand central child care this morning (maybe mayhem sorter is a better designation), it is now calm on the street, Emora's sleeping, the big kids are playing with their best friend Fiorella and when Brian gets back from an errand, I am going to snag a bike and go for a bit of a ride- see how my knee does ;)

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GMS said...

My son Brian, that is now a CPA, used to organize carnivals with games that the kids would have to pay to play, kind of like Las Vegas.
Ivan sounds like a good schemer.