Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sweetest moment today: Dominique came up to me and gave me a big, long bearhug and heartfelt kiss.

Most formidable moment today: I managed to get 4 kids down the street to the dollar store in a wagon and a toddler bike, in and out without anything at all disastrous occuring- it was actually fun for us all.

Worst moments today: all the moments that became a tearful screaming fest (2 or 3 for Ivan over such important matters as the contents of his lunch, Caleb over not getting to ride the bike first, Micah over getting told "no" when he dumped a clock in the toilet, Dominique when she was told to get off of mommy- that mommy is not a jungle gym and another meltdown when she was forced to undress for bath time). The little fashionista doesn't like to take off new or "cute" clothes.

Funniest moment today: we can't remember exactly what Brian said to Ivan-but Ivan's response was "dad, that's cheesy" and it totally fit. I wish I could remember what it was. Sometimes you just need a portable recorder.

I found out that I have an extra long weekend. I won't be keeping the boys Monday and tomorrow I get to have the car- so we can go somewhere- probably the grocery store and maybe a friend's. I actually enjoy going to the grocery store with the kids. There is so much to see and new things to introduce them to or help them learn and it's nice to get out once we've been "in" several days.

We have a crazy, crazy Sat. shaping up with 3 activities again! Morning, afternoon and evening. Hooray for Sundays!


Nana said...

It sounds like just another day of being a parent. Some wonderful special moments and then the not so wonderful. You always do a great job.

Deana said...

wash her in her cute clothes...two birds one stone! ;)

the kids are growing so quickly...and so adorable.

Ian said...

I got to hold Imogen again today. She reminds me a bit of her cousin Dominique only a bit younger.