Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The morning after

The morning after the grands left, Ivan wanted to know where they were and when they were coming back. They were hear a day when I had the foursome and since it was our first pretty hot day, I put up the pool. Terry got suited up also and let Caleb dump water on his head, much to Caleb's delight. Ivan thought it was too wet of an activity! It is hot here today. Yucky hot, don't go outside unless it's in a pool hot. So I set up the pool again. Not sure what I'll do all summer with them. It was ok in the morning, but by afternoon it is miserable. The air conditioner is running and we don't open the blinds. It makes the house a little gloomy dark, but more bearable temp. wise. Brian is watering the lawn as we speak. It's still green, but getting rougher on the feet. Amazingly, our garden is doing great. We are already eating spinach and squash from it and the plants are huge and healthy. He planted it in a shaded area next to the shed under our pecan tree. Hopefully we'll get produce all summer and maybe peaches from our tree this year! All the seeds packets that we planted from say "full sun", but they don't mean West Texas sun. Ours had full sun the other years and all afternoon and evening the plants got baked. Now they get a few hours of sun in the morning and shade for the rest of the day along with the 100+ temps. I know for all of you defrosting up north, this sounds wonderful and I thought so too my first summer or two, but now I realize it's just insanely hot.

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Pamela said...

There was one day here that it was supposed to have been 43 degrees Celsius. Disgusting! This week it has been cooling off at night thankfully. What I wouldn't give to have A/C here or even a paddling pool to dip my feet into! I often have snow ball fights in my imagination. :)