Sunday, May 04, 2008

Isaiah's recovery!

Isaiah had a huge turn-around this weekend. Friday, he "woke up". He started talking like before, he was playing and alert, hearing and seeing. Yesterday, they took him outside in a wagon and he took a couple of steps. Thank you for all your prayers and concern over him. All your love and care meant a lot to the Baiers and helped tremendously. At this point, the cream to top it all off would be if Tighe could have the baby there at Cook's before they are released. They are so sick of hospitals and she does not want to go in to labor right before they leave, or on the way home. She is already dilated to a 3 and is 70% effaced as of last week and is 39 weeks on Monday, so she was going to talk to the doctor Monday about being induced, but the best thing would be if she just went into labor on her own today or tomorrow. They are supposed to be released Thurs. morning from Cook's.

Isaiah will still be on anti-seizure medicine for a while and will have a specialist watching him, plus he will be getting tubes in his ears as soon as he is able to handle that.

This has been such an incredible progression. We give thanks to the Lover for giving them peace and healing at this critical time, and for all the love and prayers from so many people around the world.

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