Thursday, May 29, 2008

9 months is a long time

Funny pregnancy stories:

I ran into a lady at the YMCA who recognized me from subbing her water aerobic class several times during my pregnancy with Dominique. She said: "I know you, you're the lady who is always pregnant". I laughed and told her I was pregnant again. She got all apologetic and said- "well I mean you teach the pregnancy water aerobics class". But I told her that that was fine, that we were excited about the pregnancy.

Then a night later, Ivan asked me if the baby was ready yet. I told him no that it would be a while and he said "will the baby be ready tomorrow then?". It will be a very long 9 months for him. I tried to tell him it would be after Dominique's birthday, summer, fall, his and my birthday and Christmas, but that is so far for him he can not even imagine it.

He has assured me that he will babysit when we have the baby. Now that is too far in the future for me to imagine!

This photo is dedicated to Papa Terry- "the rat takes the cheese" or maybe it was a cute little boy with the munchies.

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Nana said...

Papa Terry says"thank you for the cute little munchie picture". NOW the "Cheese stands alone"!!