Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everyone's happy vacation

All that warming up the kids worked like a charm. Ivan was getting excited packing even thinking they should take the potty chair in case Dominique wanted to try there, but we decided that since Nana and Papa hadn't brought a U-Haul, we should leave some things at home. They did take water guns, beach towels and swim suits, enough clothes for about a week (in case Nana and Papa decided to keep them a little longer) and books for night time, movies and cds for the ride... As Papa was packing up, the kids kept trying to get into their car seats before it was time. Then they each grabbed a bag (as seen here), went on to the porch and waved to me "bye mom", no tears, no crying- which is a good thing- (right?)

They called yesterday and Ivan was all excitement and joy telling us about the movies they watched on the way, eating at Old MacDonald's, going on a trolley and boat ride, they were headed to the pool, then supper at the time of the call.

I just talked to them again and they had a blast at Sea World. Ivan's favorite part was the whale and according to him, Dominique liked the dolphins. She got mad with Papa when she didn't get to go on a roller coaster and he told her she was too short. Ivan and Nana rode it twice and it has taken a while for her to forgive Papa- from what Nana tells me.

Tomorrow they are going to Fredricksburg and all of our little vacation will soon come to an end.

It has been fun having a quiet home and no distractions, going out for supper and coffee, watching movies (we rented 4 before we realized we are no longer teenagers that can watch 2 per night). I did wake up at 7:15 to the sound of Dominique crying. I kept telling my brain and ears that she wasn't here and to quit making up sounds, but it really sounded like her.

Here is Papa teaching Ivan how to bat.

Here's my new desktop picture.


Greg said...

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Nana said...

It was a total blast!! We couldn't believe how well it went. The kids were GREAT!! I don't think we heard, "are we there yet"? The drive home seemed awfully quiet. Thanks for pumping them up and for letting them go, we enjoyed seeing things through theire eyes.