Friday, May 16, 2008

They're back!

Riding the trolley.

In front of the Alamo.

At sea world.

Well it seems that the trip was a roaring success. Brian and I got to go out two nights in a row- unaccompanied by needy children! Meanwhile Nana and Papa enjoyed treating the kids to the wows of San Antonio. A conversation Brian had with his mom before they left goes as follows.

Brian- "Mom, will you promise me you wont spoil the kids too much?"
Nana- "no"

That about explains it.

Back in Abilene, the tireless grands push the kids around in these little cars like they just can't get enough of them! I understand, they are pretty irresistible.

Nana says the kids didn't cry or get home sick at all. I asked Ivan if he was glad to be at home or wanted to be back at the hotel. He said- at the hotel. Ah well, there is a time for everything. We all passed the test- they can travel away from us!


GMS said...

Sounds like it was exciting for ALL concerned. A learning experience like that can be very uplifting.
So glad it happened. Y'all needed it.

Kimberley said...

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed their vacations! I'll bet your house seemed so empty when they were gone.

Lin said...

Looks like it was a great trip for the kids. It is always nice to have a little break but super happy when they are back.Congrats on #3!