Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Oops, this was supposed to have posted a week ago... getting behind I am!

Well- yesterday it told me I couldn't post any more pics and today it let me, so who knows, maybe I misunderstood or something.

This one can be such a delight and such a little terror and all within a few minutes.  Like when things are going her way, she's so fun and happy, but oh boy, if she has something in her gorgeous head that does not work out like she wants it to- watch out world!

Partners in crime ;)  Actually my helper and I got quite a bit accomplished today and to celebrate that and American thanksgiving and new snow, we got some special items at the grocery store- fresh raspberries and eggnog!  Brian's never been a fan of eggnog, since he overdosed as a kid once, so I've never really bought it, but I saw it last week on sale and it's been on my mind since, so when it was on sale again this week- I had to get some.  The kids all love it too.  UMMMM- so fun.

Homework!  Ivan thinks it's highly unfair that he is the only one with homework and the girls were both begging to have homework, so they now get time all together to work away.  Dominique loves to teach her little sis.

She also likes to share all her knowledge and stories and who knows what all else she was telling us.

And poor Ivan trucking away at his spelling words... looking forward to another long weekend ;)

When Ivan was taking guitar, he had these chords to play over and over, he started to talk to me and I told him to keep playing.  It sounded like a blues song to me, so I ran and got the camera and made him tell me again.


Nana said...

Looks like everyone is into study time but Ivan! It gets better Ivan .

Ian said...

Thanks for the update. I just finished snowblowing the driveway and now it is snowing heavily!