Thursday, December 13, 2012

jobs gettin done

This was Ivan serving us for the pancake breakfast fundraiser.  With the proceeds, each class drives into the city to watch the Globe theater's play.  This year they saw The Wizard of Oz- a show I've always hated, but they quite enjoyed it.

We were able to convince Tyler and Victoria to join us for our fine dining experience.  They kind of had to come, they had our kids ;)

Emora was being a goof- as usual!  She does like to make us laugh!

Welcome to our winter wonderland.  This is taken from our front window.

Our trees out the same window.

Past the tree is the field- that I hoped would get a good hill for sledding, but my cousin said the guys got in trouble for dumping it there the year we had the best sledding hill!

Emora was showing me she had finished all her eggnog. We are trying to get all sorts of things done for Christmas and end of year and lalalalala. Hope you are not overly stressed, take time to breathe and remember that this is all for love and loving.

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