Saturday, December 08, 2012

Emora's "2" year old picture

Someone is being my big helper.  We've been recruited a few times for some jobs and she is earning her keep!  She helped me with some cleaning, then we got to prep some craft materials for the Reindeer festival and we helped as monitors for the perfect attendance movie.  That was really tough.  We gave out popcorn, helped ourselves to a bag and watched a Christmas movie.  I did give one kid permission to go fill her water bottle while the teacher was out of the room!  Hard work, I tell you!  My favorite part was hearing one child guffawing with loud bursts of laughter throughout the movie... it was Emora.  About 10 kids in the room and I think the smallest liked it the most (It was the movie Santa Clause).

Anyways, Mike has been guiding me through a different process for Emora's painting.  It's taken me way too long (nearly 2 years so far), but I can tell it will be way better than the others.  He told me how to "underpaint", by doing a detailed drawing first, then spraying it with a fixatif, then using burnt Sienna watercolor to give it depth and finally to paint it with acrylics.  It's like doing the picture 3 times, but it should solve my skin tone problem and make this last step with the acrylics go a lot faster.  It's amazing how the smallest tips can make a huge difference.  Like I was saying that the drawing was smearing so much, he picked up a paper, put it under his drawing hand to protect the page and pretended to draw!! DUH!

I actually got the watercolor on it since these pictures.  I may add a touch more of watercolor, but probably not.  Mike keeps warning me to simplify.  Sometimes (ie rarely- I listen!)

Maybe over Christmas holidays, or when the grandparents arrive, I'll find some time to work on this.  Maybe I could have it done by her 4th birthday!  That would be nice.

We got our tree up last weekend and the kids were so very excited to decorate it.  It was actually quite nice- I barely touched it at all, just relocated a couple dozen ornaments that were all clumped on the same few branches.


Kimberley said...

You are in good company. I still haven't finished crocheting Nathan's baby afghan and he will be 2 this month.

Anonymous said...

Like the picture Emora's hair looks great.
If that is good company then I must be the best. UN-finished work since Jenn was born. Think i should just start all over. Love mom

Ian said...

Emora looks very excited.