Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dominique the ballerina

These pics were from many weeks ago, when we were invited to go watch Dominique's ballet class.  Classes here have been a bit crazy.  The teachers all commute from the city, and this winter has been crazy so far with lots of freezing rain, making highway driving extremely dangerous, so they've had to postpone many a class.

Dominique loves the dancing.

And the girls and giggles.  They get to pretend they are princesses a lot and that fits her fancy too.

Soar girl, soar!

The same night of the ballet watch was a windup night for after school yoga class- which Dominique also did.  Ivan could have been in it, but it was not his cup of tea.  I told the coordinator that if there was lego building, Ivan would be all over that, so that may be one of the options in the new year.  Since our school is a community school, they have funds to offer programs.  Ivan is excited for next year.  He wants to do roping and curling... his Texan and Saskatchewan roots will really shine then!

Unfortunately, I had to miss this part, but Brian faithfully took pics and video for me... which this program is now giving me probs loading videos, so we'll see if I can bully it into posting more at some point!


Nana said...

Our ballerina looks very focused and beautiful!!!!! Can't say often enough how much I am thrilled that she has taken to ballet. My other love was tap. I know she would excell at that also.

Angela said...

She has a pair of tap shoes and does indeed love them! The classes are kind of pricey and my cousin suggested that if we just do one class, to do ballet, since it is the foundation of all the dance moves. They have figure skating here too, which she would love, so the trick for her is to pick something. We told them we could do one activity per kid!

Anonymous said...

She has the built for a ballerina