Sunday, December 16, 2012

More pics from the walk

Here are some more pics from the warm day walk to the beach.

Emora liked jumping into the snow on the beach.

and prancing on the ice.

We managed to convince the dog to go up the play structure and down the slide.

Oops- gotta get the snow and ice off first!

Had to try the swings too.  There wasn't much clearance under my swing, but laying there was a fun place to watch the clouds.

Push me momma- can you tell it was a warm enough day for me to have my camera out this much.

Saba decided to have a snow feast at this time, then come slobber on my face.

The clouds were moving and it gave me that surreal impression the swings were carrying us off.

I love a blue sky.


Ian said...

You made Saba slide down the slide?

Deana said...

Love your sunny warm day...I wish we would get some warm sunny days like that, with all the snow you have! Enjoy it!