Wednesday, December 19, 2012

School's out!!!

ACKK!  I'm out of uploaded pictures and the videos aren't uploading, so this is what you get.  Emora was trying out the banjo that Brian got to play with GH Summit recently for a Christmas gig.  The girls had quite the blast trying out their improv. songs while the other one danced.

On another note- it's our anniversary!  We are celebrating in a couple of weekends with a get away to Yorkton- to the open ridicule of the cousins who say Yorkton is a place people here make fun of.  It's technically the size of a city and Brian- being a geography nut- has really been wanting to go.  We're going to check out their pool which is supposed to be pretty amazing, I'm sure we'll visit a music store (one of Brian's fascinations- another is cemetaries, but I'm pretty sure that one's not on the agenda) and we'll go see the Hobbit in a real movie theater and eat out without cutting anyone's meat.  Yep, we'll have a couple of days without kids ;)  Nana and Papa are on their way and agreed to sugar them, I mean feed them and play with them while we are gone.

So happy anniversary to you Brian!  14 years later and I'm still glad I said "yes".  Wow- I don't even have a picture of him on here!  I'm such a romantic.


Nana said...

Oh yes, can't wait to "sugar" them up. You are going to miss us! One of our walking buddies said the Hobbit was really good.

Kimberley said...

Happy Anniversary! At least the weather is nicer now than it was on your wedding day. Enjoy Yorkton.