Wednesday, December 05, 2012

funny funny

Of course all the kids (namely girls) in school are into Justin Beaver (sic) and of course mentioning the Beaver in our home always elicits a strong reaction from the musician of the house, so Dominique was especially excited to come home one day with Bieber stickers so that she could make a note for her dad, which she hung on our bedroom door.

We love our puppets- really we do.  Not sure why Kermit was punished so cruelly.

10:30 at night, I see Ivan's light still on and decide to investigate.  He had just gotten a new lego set with his birthday money.

The girls weren't any better.  Here they are at 10:30pm.  Their bedtime is 9 by the 1way.

Apparently everyone is a joker in our house- even the cat.  This is where he decided to take a nap one day.

Hope you have a great day with some giggles in there for good measure.


Davis Family said...

Love this pictures of your family life. Love it!!

Nana said...

Does Emora sleep with Dominique or was she just visiting?

Angela said...

Our rule is that the kids can have sleepovers on non school nights. Usually it's the girls, but sometimes Ivan and Dominique want to have a sleepover. The 3 never works out and they always end up all going to their own rooms and Ivan and Emora have tried having sleep overs and that never lasts more than 10 min. Occasionally Dominique gets grouchy 15 min. into a sleepover too- but she seems to be the one everyone wants to have their party with!