Thursday, November 22, 2012

oh wow!

ACK!  I just deleted a huge post I'd written, with the 3 videos and thanksgiving message for our American friends and family!!!

I'm a bit stuck technologically tonight obviously!  First it says that I've used up all my photo space, so I'm going to have to figure out how to delete photos I didn't know were being saved, somewhere... out there...  Then I thought I was just cleaning up my list of posts, some of which were empty drafts, which I thought I clicked on and   OOPS- deleted my longest post ever- so witty and enjoyable- really you would have loved it!
So I'm working at getting the videos back up and trying to remember the best of what I'd said!

First off- happy thanksgiving to all our American friends and family!  I hope your turkey is moist, your desert rich, your heart full of love and thanks and that you know that you are loved and amazing- a gem in this world that we are truly grateful for.

We have a shortened week, not because of thanksgiving, but to compensate for busy nights with parent/teacher/student interviews.  It's always good to hear the teacher's perspective of how our child is doing and to figure out ways we can work together to help our children maximize their learning.  School work is a lot harder for Ivan than it is for Dominique- mostly because he is not passionate about writing, spelling, paper work...  If spelling was rearranging lego characters and he wrote with a light saber and writing involved a yelling chase to terrorize his sisters- he'd be all about it and excel with flying colors.  Dominique on the other hand loves the paperwork and homework (she doesn't have any, but likes to check out Ivan's), the stories and writing.  She comes home and bosses/teaches her sister, who also loves to write, color and learn from books.  All of that said- I am super proud of Ivan for making a huge effort this year and making marked improvements already, for the very fact that he does have to work hard at it.  We are also learning how he learns best and ways to encourage him that are meaningful to him.

We did make it to a pancake breakfast fundraiser finally.  It motivated us some to have Ivan serving.  We had to arrive with camera.  I'd say our family only got a C- on our performance that day though.  As soon as Ivan helped push a tray out, he picked up a plate and a sausage rolled off onto the floor, then Dominique spilled her full glass of juice all over the floor, table and paper place mats made for the occasion.  Fine dining is not our forte- but our dog would have been impressed!

The fundraisers are for the kids' trips to the Globe theater.  Dominique went last week and Ivan went Monday to see the Wizard of Oz.  Ivan's class also went swimming.  We are hoping we get to go to the pool Friday since we missed last time with the blizzard that came in.

Today was a weird day in that it was raining/sleeting/hailing/snowing the temp must have been right at freezing, because the precipitation didn't know how to come down.  It made it very slick, and beautiful white again. Winter can be so breathtaking here.  The other day, we were dazzled with frosted trees in the morning.  I love the sounds snow and ice make, the different way it shapes, the way wind can create designs in it.  The only thing I really have against winter is the cold.  I really hate being cold, but being bundled up in the cold isn't horrible, if it's not too bad out and hot chocolate, soups and cuddles under the blankets are always more appreciated when the temps outside are the chilliest.

 Emora and I got to skate this morning, at the rink, then again on the road and sidewalks as we went to get the kids from school.  That one is growing up too.  Last week, she had a 30 min. meltdown because I was having her walk instead of taking her in her stroller, now she's decided that walking is quite fun- and it really is without the big stroller and with a dancing, happy, walk/ skippy little thing at my side.

Hopefully next post, I'll be able to figure out the picture situation, but until that gets fixed, this appears to be letting me put up videos and I had several to share here with you.  We got to watch one of Dominique's ballet classes (contrary to Ivan's predictions, they do not karate chop each other!), as well as her demonstration of a yoga class she did.  And I've got video of Ivan and his bow, of him on his guitar singing about his bow, that same bow that then sat in the garage unused.  ah well, it sure did create some excitement when he got it though!

Hope your weekend is a wonderful one and ours too!  I am happy and thankful for the many Americans in my life, especially the 4 that gather around the table with me each day.  Texas was a wonderful place for me in so many ways and has meshed it's way into my life in inseparable ways.  I will always have a place for it in my heart (Texas would add a "BIG" place) and it is- a BIG place in my heart- where the heat is hotter, the tea is sweeter, the pecans fell into our yard and amazing people were brought into our lives.  I was forever changed, enriched, graced with love- so to America and the Americans who make it home- thank you.  And of course to the Lover/Creator/Friend always at our side, thank you for the journey, even the hard parts, because you are there and that's all that matters.

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Nana said...

Thank you. Thanksgiving was good, always make to much, but hey it's the holidays. Went to the mall this morning for my regular walk. Unfortunately all of the "novice" mall walkers were there also, and they don't abide by we walkers rules. They were Black Friday shopper!!!!! Enjoy your weekend. We were in "dart competition" when y'alls call came through.