Sunday, September 30, 2012

More from Treaty 4

During the grand entry, the girls noticed a classmate or two and as we were leaving, there was a classmate and a girl we had met at the neighborhood park.  We asked them if they would show us how they danced and if we could get their pictures.  It was one of those precious moments as we watched them get their regalia on and demonstrate.

The girls would have liked to stay all day and night to watch the dancing and competitions, but the boys were wanting to go home and play Star Wars- go figure! ;)

The next week were the educational sessions.  Dominique's class didn't go this year, but Ivan's did and Emora and I snuck in too.

Of course, she loved the eating stations a lot and who wouldn't!  She had bannock that I cooked on the fire for her and then it was lathered in cranberry jelly/syrop- she didn't share any with me.  We saw a lady cutting up meet to dry.  We both got a piece of fried bannock- because I begged me some to ;)  There were other food tasting teepees, but we didn't get to them.  We went to one about teepee teachings, another about clothing and their significance, one on peace, another was a coloring station, a game with following directions and watching the dances.  The final dance is the round dance when they invite everyone to join in-- a dance prayer for peace and unity.

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