Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Play dates

The elementary and high school had an open house and hot dog roast.  The kids were excited to show us their classrooms and some of their work.  Our school policewoman was also there and let the kids check out her car.  They got to turn on the siren, and call out to us from the loudspeaker.  So last year, Dominique went to jail as a kindergarten outing and this year, she was in the police car!  Emora went in too, but Ivan wasn't very interested in it.

Emora and mommy are loving having time together, playing games, reading books and doing preschool type things, like going to the cosmetology class and having our nails and hair done.  OK, so maybe that was not really preschoolish, but they needed volunteers and I thought it would be a fun outing.  Was it ever!  Emora got a sleuth (bunch) of panda bears painted on her nails and they curled her hair.  I got a French manicure.  I told the teacher that my schedule is pretty flexible and she asked if I could come back for 2 hours some day so that all the students could check out and work with my hair since they do not often get to work with naturally curly hair.  OH lala!  I've had my nails done fancy 3 times in my life:  when I got married, when my sister got married, and um- yesterday.  Oh and I also got a very fancy pedicure once by a friend when I was expecting Emora.  But now we may be going for a facial, nails and hair!

Brian had a practice with his band in the city and they invited us to a weanie roast.  Ivan and Emora found some cool toys in the yard.

Emora and I got to play with a couple of our favorite boys in town.  Nick and Eric went with us to the park, where we had snacks and played.

Dad always said that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  I'm not sure who was imitating who, but they were in sync!

It was an amazing Sept.  So warm and beautiful out!

But October rolled around and the cold has blown in.  We are fighting colds a bit, so that is not fun.  Last week I had a goal of walking each day to check out all the colors, but then we got so congested!  So we've been laying low a bit.

Our walk home crew is a fun bunch.

This day, cousin Kellen joined us for a bit too which was a treat.  Now, back to my regular programming... Emora is graduating to more advanced puzzles, we have games to play, laundry to fold and kids to go get pretty soon.


GMS said...

Love the updates but would like to see a picture of the nails & hair-do

Angela said...

we'll get there grandma Sue ;) It takes me a bit of time to get pics uploaded. And she didn't pose very nicely, so the nails is not the best pic it could have been!