Monday, September 17, 2012

neighborhood fun

I should be posting about Treaty 4, the parade, pow wow and celebrations, but that would mean getting the photos off my camera and I haven't done that yet, so you get to see these ones instead.

Amber and her sweet girls and her hubby Greg, live a street over, so we often end up walking home together, along with this crew...

Teagan, Tory, Lucas and their 2 older brothers moved onto our street over the summer.  The kids love to hang with them.  They are from "the Buff" as Lucas calls it.  He said he was hanging out at the Buff all summer and I had no clue what he meant- so I said "what???" and he said at Standing Buffalo- where a lot of his family is.  I was glad I'd asked.

Amber is a perpetual knitter and so as we visited, she knitted.  Before we knew it, my cat had mauled her creation, then the kids got curious, so she gave a demonstration, then handed over her needles and yarn to Dominique as a gift!

Of course the minute Amber left, Dominique couldn't remember how to do it and was looking to me who has absolutely no idea- thankfully we are surrounded by knitters and the cousins have come along with some tutelage.  The other night, Dominique sat at the dining table knitting.  I was looking closely and what she came out with looks somewhat like knitting.  She seemed to be doing the motions I've observed before.  It's weird to see her picking up something (that I have no talent whatsoever in- no less), due to other's kindness and sharing.  I know this is only the beginning.  Ah the places my kids will go ;)  I love it when people can come together to enrich a life with all our little nuances.

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