Friday, September 07, 2012

Summer's end

We just finished up our first week of school, so summer is officially ended.  It's been a good week, but let me catch you up on our summer's finish.  We met some new friends at the end of summer.  The Sinclairs moved to Fort Qu'Appelle from Taiwan about the same time we came from Texas.  Ivan and Konomu were in Kindergarden together (for Ivan's 3 days), then after 2 years in Edmonton, they have moved back here, where we met each other.  I have found myself helping orient them, although they have family here too, I've been getting to play the role my cousins played in our lives showing us where the parks were, about activities available and where to find school supplies...  The Sinclairs have kids the same ages as ours, although the oldest is most like Dominique in personality and their second is more like Ivan.  They have a daughter Emora's age too.

Emora has been totally loving her days with me and I with her.  She spent the first two days in mile a minute chatter and excitement.  Her 3rd day was a little rougher with some crying spells, but in between those, she spent the day singing as she played/ as we colored or did activities.

We got a gift card to DQ from the library as appreciation, so we appreciated it right onto our tastebuds and Emora also got it all on her hair and face too.

Speaking of hair... I had promised to send the free algae treatment results offered at the lakes of Fort Qu'Appelle, intermitently throughout the summer- most frequently in Aug.

The weird thing is, not all the lakes will be green the same day or even the next day or even in a few hours.  I said that it would help if they had a lake report- like the weather report sighting which beach has the clearest water each day!

Our broccoli sucombed to worms, but we still have carrots in the ground- which are Dominique's favorites.  We are also getting lots of tomotoes- which are Ivan's favorite.  Emora is partial to cucumbers and while we did get a good one today, it doesn't seem very prolific, but then again, I think there are huge veggies hiding in that jungle that was once an orderly garden.  We have been picking some okra- which is amazing.  They are seeds from Big Buddy that we picked about 3 or 4 years ago and brought over with us.  I didn't expect us to get any at all.  They are not really enough for friend okra, but since that is our favorite way to eat them, I'll have to have a mini fry.

So far we are totally loving the return to school.  The big kids are happy with their new year (for the most part) and the neighborhood is so quiet without the mob of kids on the street.  It is fun as we walk home and we have about 20 in our group all from houses on the same block.

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GMS said...

sounds like a fun neighborhood and school atmosphere that all can enjoy.
So glad to hear up dates.