Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Treaty Four parade and grand entry

The kids caught on pretty quick after their first Fort Qu'Appelle parade- candy is thrown out to the kids.  So since that first time when they walked back with their loot in clutched hands, they now come prepared with bags and in Dominique's case a matching hat.

During the educational sessions- that Emora and I took in, we found out lots about First Nations culture.  This hat was the buffalo hat.  A child would be brought up from a young age to learn all about the buffalo and when he got older, he would be the buffalo expert- where to find them, how to use the parts, which ones to hunt, how many were needed...  He was consulted or would direct the tribe in their affairs concerning the buffalo.

We found a few people we knew ;)

Ivan loves his one boy cousin in town!

During the grand entry- everyone stands and the flags and veterans come in, so do other officials and all the dancers.

I love how it is intergenerational and little little children were out dancing with their kocums (grandmothers).

For years we had visited our cousins in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  Now I actually know what one is!  This dancer is wearing a medicine hat.  For every cure he had learned, he would earn a feather.  So if he knew how to cure a tooth ache- he got a feather, if he knew how to set a leg, he got another feather...

So beautiful.

The girls watching the women go past us.

These two little girls were holding hands as they danced behind the big guys.

People came in from all over- lots and lots from Manitoba.  There were campers and tents all over the field as people spent the weekend.  They also had about 20 teepees set up- most of which were used to share teachings as school children came out and visited.

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