Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lemonade stand

Amber coordinated a lemonade stand fundraiser for her wonderkids to raise money for the library.  They made posters and painted a sign.

This was Ivan's poster.  The posters were put up all over town.

They did 30 minute shifts and got paid!  They squeezed lemons, mixed lemonade and of course sold them to eager customers.  There were also rice krispie cakes and brownies.  My kids easily ate all their earnings and then some!  Yeah, Mr Entrepreneur spends it faster than he can make it.

I did a pinterest hair style on Dominique for the occasion.

It really was good lemonade and nearly $200 was raised in a couple of hours! 

Brian had a few minutes on his lunch break, so they got to serve him too.  The little cups were 50 cents and the bug cups $1, but when I was having Dominique practice the prices, she told me the big cup was $50!  We let her pour and Ivan tell the prices from then on.


Ian said...

Did you see how Imogen did her lemonade stand...she underpriced the lemonade and people gave her a dollar (or more) for each drink!

$200 is a fantastic result...sounds like many people dropped by.

Nana said...

Really like Dominique's new hairdo!

sheena said...

Can't believe I missed this. How sweet... literally :)