Saturday, September 08, 2012


I became a bit of a pinterest junkie.  I'm not sure if the fascination will continue.  Somehow with the big kids in school, I have found less chances to get to the computer, probably due to the fact that Emora wants my attention all the time now and is not playing with the big kids all day.

There are tons of fun ideas of things to do with kids.  This was salt and glue art.  You are supposed to drip paint onto it, but I didn't find that exact instruction until after we had painted it, so it was only quasi as fun as it could have been.  Nonetheless it was neat and created a cool texture.

Another idea was a river with foil- it totally didn't work.

But this did- bubble makers.  Lots of giggles and laughs from this one.

We did use the non functioning river to make a terrific canoe that they put toys in and flung down the slide, so that ended up being a win win too.

This was chalk "dyed" hair.  It was OK, but will be great for wacky hair day and halloween.

I am liking all the hair styles on pinterest, but am still trying to figure out how to do all of them.

Of course it helps to have gorgeous dresses.

And with the start of school, we will also have the start of activities.  We had our first Story and Rhyme time again for the school year.  Ivan will start guitar lessons next week and new to us- Dominique is going to be in ballet.  We are still holding our breath to see how we will do.  I think she will totally love it, but we weren't all that enthusiastic- however, we've decided that one activity a child is doable and dance is offered in town and I really think she will enjoy it and do well in it.  We were a little overwhelmed with the costs and requirements- like fundraising, but Dominique's a natural.  I HATE selling stuff and one of the fundraisers is to sell $60 worth of chocolates (30 chocolates).  Before I'd gotten them home, Dominique had sold the first packet to herself and in the first hour home from school, day 1 with the chocolates, she managed to sell another 5 packets.  She just walked outside eating her chocolate covered almonds and next thing you know half the kids in the neighborhood were bringing her twoonies!  I told the kids I may as well just give them their allowance in chocolate.  Emora already took out a loan to buy herself a pack.  I'm not sure how much this is fundraising or if it's just ripping off kids, but I guess it's that many that I don't have to sell and one happy costumer asked me how many he'd get for a $20!  I told him maybe he should get permission from his parent!  So my fears were maybe a bit worse than reality...


Kimberley said...

I'm a Pinterest junkie too. Of course I never find the time to do anything that I've pinned. I consider it a form of window shopping!

Ian said...

MMMMMmm chocolate!