Monday, September 10, 2012

School start

The kids keep asking for more pets, but we are at our family limit.  One dog, one cat and our fish.  I did discover that fish are happier with plants.  Before we had the plants and little caves, when I turned on the light, they went totally crazy.  Now, they go to their little safe place and don't act so traumatized.  Of course with the addition of caves, we now have babies.  Thankfully some of them disappeared.  We used to have about 20 baby fish, and now we are consistently finding 4.  I'm guessing I will take fish to the fish store as they multiply?  Not sure what to do about over population issues.

We were excited to get to see a lot of same age friends right before school kicked off.  They all had a play date at a beach that we hadn't visited in a couple of years- as it was a heavily flooded beach.  It was perfect this day though and the kids were so happy to see each other again.

I finally did something to our front door.  When we moved in, it had had panels on it that were removed, leaving holes in the door that looked like bullet holes.  There were probably about 16 holes all over the door and a metal plate saying "no smoking" pasted to the door to.  We took off the metal plate and I had filled the holes with plaster, but you could still see the ugly dents.  Then on pinterest I saw the door below and was inspired to create a similar pattern.  I haven't worked with drywall plaster a whole lot, so it was a bit of a challenge, but I like it for all the textures it makes.  It's forgiving in that I didn't want a solid flat feel to it, so I left in a lot of the scrapes and bumps.  I also added our little circles.  I was going to start with 5 for the people in our home, but ended up with 8 because that looked better.  Ivan decided that the extra 3 were for our pets- dog, cat and fish.  Then the kids picked out which dot they were!

A couple of new families moved in on our street over the last few weeks.  Tory and Teagan live 2 houses down from us with 3 brothers, their mom, grandpa and dad when he comes to town (he's a trucker).  Tory, Teagan and Lucas are the younger trio and love to hang out with our kids.  Teagan is 12 and is so good with the kids playing with them in the field and giving them piggy back rides.  We have found each other on the walk home from school several times this week and it's fun to hear about their day and how they are adjusting to their new school and year here in the Fort.

Ivan and Dominique are off to a good start this year.  So far they are really enjoying it although Dominique has some boy troubles already (a boy who "likes" her).  So we've been talking lots about how to be assertive and to voice her feelings.  She also had some drama about clothes, so I'm really hoping we can work through that.  Ivan and Dominique both get emotionally attached to their old clothes (they probably get that from me) and don't like to wear their new things, but they have grown and really don't fit into their old things.  I guess we could have started getting them used to the next sized clothes in the summer, but the weather only just now started to cool down some.

Hope you are having a great week!
Did you have a back to school routine when you were a kid and what was it?


Anonymous said...

Back to school is something I don't really know from back home. Sure, we prepared by buying new binders and stuff. However, no one gets a list of things to bring to school. But the whole back to school thing wasn't nearly as big in my times as it is here. (Not sure what the kids do these days in Germany.) The systems is just quite different, eh.

Hope the kids are able to adjust to their new classes and things like these. Kisses and hugs from auntie.

jenn with two n's said...

We took pics of Immy too--need to post. I love the door! You should post it with the original on Pinterest. If you didn't want to point people to your blog (my belly pic came from that hope that is ok) you could get a flicker account--first 200 pics free. I love these photos and glad everyone is doing well. It warms my heart!
love to you all