Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 Garden

It's been a super dry August.  I put water on the garden last week, but haven't looked at it this week.  Brian said that he's noticing that people have their gardens all pulled up.

It is getting cold at night.  I'm not sure when we need to bring in the herbs and get the rest pulled.  I still have some beets in there, lots of tomatoes- I'm sure more squash, cucumbers and zucchini.  We pulled the lettuce that was going to seed.  There are still some carrots in there and LOOK!

Big Buddy's okra!  They aren't as big as they were in Texas (everything is big in Texas), but we do have some okra in the fridge and some on the plants.

I really do need to go check on them, but I got a bit of a flu bug or something, so I was laying low this week.

Oh, yeah, we could have some green peppers in there too!  It's been so nice to not have to be running to the city for veggies.  I'll have to do more carrots next year and cucumbers.

We've had lots of fluttery things in the area.  This one just wanted to lay in the sunshine and didn't bat an eye as I took his picture.

It's a bit of a jungle mess.

I've been surprised at how much we have liked the green beans, since they have never been a household favorite.  But the kids love them raw and they are amazing to me cooked too.


Kimberley said...

Just pay attention for frost warnings and your garden should be fine. The carrots are okay to stay in the ground for a bit after frost, but you'll want to either cover the tomatoes or harvest it all. I would pick the herbs & dry/freeze them before the frost kills them.

I went to check my tomatoes the other day and they were gone! The squirrels must have harvested them already.

Ian said...

Good advice...cover your tomatoes if the weather report says that there is a risk of frost.

Nana said...

Can your tomatoes and use them in pasta sauce and soups or stews. You can also pickle your okra or cut them and freeze them for use in soup. How great when you're freezing your **** off to eat a hot bowl of soup with veggies from your summer garden.

Angela said...

yes- I actually have plans to freeze tomatoes. We aren't getting enough okra to freeze, but did get one meager bowl of fried okra from our harvest ;) We are going to freeze squash though, that is if we have any left.