Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's been a while!

Happy New Year to you... I've been to Texas and back since I last posted, so lots to update...

We left the day after our 13th anniversary, which we celebrated by packing and attending the kid's school Christmas concert- it was great, if not a little unromantic, besides, we were going back to the land where we met, what could be more romantic than that? We passed by the city where we had our first real date- York Nebraska. We'd each driving 12 hours to get there and here we were on the road again, now with 3 kids in tow!

Nana and Papa gave us plenty of time to revisit and rekindle times sans kids. While they took them to the children's museum, we went to the museum district to look at exhibits at our leisure.
I love the way nature captures it's own fun- like this ivy climbing over everything.

Our favorite was the photography museum.

Here's the house where Brian "grew up" on Weatherhill, so he likes to go by it and point out where his room used to be.

This was in front of the map store. Yep, he's a nerd, but he got us there and back, so I'm not complaining. Apparently there are other people who like to look at maps too, in fact he's reading a book about them- doubly weird if you ask me.

The kids were totally looking forward to going to the nutcracker which they went to Christmas eve with Nana and Papa.

We got to see an old friend of Brian's in Houston and spend the evening together, petting their guinea pigs and playing dance something or other on their wii, which we ironically now own.

Dominique was recreating a monkey she saw on the cover of her drawing pad. She loves to draw.

I have about 100 more pictures to post!! So I hope to get on here regularly to tell you all about it. But I can't be tucked away too much, the weather here is gorgeous!! Right at freezing or sometimes a bit above. This is really warm for here, so we are just going to have to be out and about some while it's nice.

And we are still in recovery mode. The house is not yet clean or orderly, but we will get there some day, maybe ;) We got back late Fri. and the next day, I drove to Saskatoon, saw my parents, sister and her kids briefly, drove back and stopped in Regina for a huge grocery shop to make it home after another long day on the road. I want to stay right where I am for a while now ;) It's always good to get away and gain some perspective.


Ian said...

Dominique reminds me of Jennifer when she was that age...always had a something in her hand to write or draw.

Davis Family said...

Glad you are all home safely! Hope it was a refreshing and blessed visit.