Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trip tales part 9

oh, oh, the trip has long been over now, but I haven't uploaded pics yet since we've been back, so you get more trip pictures. While in Abilene, we got to see my African friends, one of who now has a new business, a store and the family I was closest to who now live in a brand new home built by habitat for humanity. I also got to see Mamie's "new" baby- he was walking around! That's how long we'd been gone!!

We also got to go out to Shane and Marisol's where we have enjoyed many a bbq in the past. Marisol's family kind of adopted us while we lived there. Her brother lived across the street from us and her mom down the street. I actually first met Shane at school there and we were both surprised to see each other on Briarwood st. at a party. Their last name is McLoud. Their daughter battled leukemia most of the years we knew them. They are a beautiful family.


Angela said...

those cows didn't want to let us out of the yard, we hollered at them and the momma made some loud howling noises to her baby. I was glad these weren't long horns!

ilostapple said...

u have nice trip man

Nana said...

It was so heart warming to hear about your African friends that after immigrating to the US are living the American dream that so many immigrant before them have done. Working hard to build and own their own business, and the generous corporate and individual donations of building material and money to build their comfortable home. I understand that with Habitat of Humanity the selected homeowners help build their own home. How rewarding is that. I say congratulations to them and pray for many warm memories in the years to com.