Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trip tales part 8

We got to have a night to hang out with the Truebloods. They often eat their supper at their restaurant or hang out there. It was a great place to dine when they were open, and it was also supper fun to be there when they weren't. The kids were extremely concerned about us going into a restaurant with the closed sign up, so I showed them who Joel was, told them he was the owner and that if he said we could be there it was ok. Then Dominique piped up saying "can I have a prickly pear lemonade then?" It was great, dancing space, music, ambiance and laughter, over amazing food, cappuccino and art, playing a game and dreaming of life's directions together.

My only sadness is that we don't get to be there more or that they didn't have the restaurant when we were there. Brian and I both got to be a part of some of their catering gigs though and that was totally fun. I love how Trish and Joel do things beautifully.

Their daughter Bella "taught" my trio how to make cappuccinos and they presented me with this!

Emora eating leg of lamb.

Chef Joel in his kitchen, creating masterpieces.

The biggest fork I've ever seen.

Healer, friend, supporter, inspirer, Trish in her garden spaces behind the restaurant. December and she pulled up some little carrots for supper! She also has a bunch of lettuce and herbs growing. The only thing we are growing this time of year in Fort Qu'Appelle is icicles! But I am dreaming of our garden in spring. I bought some cheap, cheap end of season seeds. They are nestled away in the cupboard.

Meanwhile it's about -40 here! I walk around in warm slippers, a long sleeve shirt and sweater, sometimes with a scarf around my neck, drinking hot tea or coffee INSIDE the house and I had to fight with my daughter to take ski pants to school (she says she doesn't need them since they are having indoor recess). I fought with both her and her brother to put on a long sleeve shirt over their t-shirts. At the end of the day, I found their discarded shirts in their backpacks. Are they part heater or something?! Amazing!

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