Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trip tales part 7

Enjoy the weather Abilene, we sure did! I left off the last post with us at Fort Imagination in Abilene and I still had more pictures from that relatively warm day.

Here in Canada, it's cold these days, I mean really cold- freeze the snot in your nose as you walk to the car cold, frost on the inside of the van cold, big chunks of ice on my indoor window cold, mop sticking to the ATM frozen door cold, jean stiff burrrrrr cold. So Emora and I made muffins and drank hot apple cider (for me) hot choc. milk (for her) and look at the beauty through the windows- braving the outside only to drop off kids at school and pick them back up. Yesterday we had apple crisp with caramel swirl ice cream for desert and it was so comforting. All I wished for more was a hot fire and good book!

It was Brian's birthday Sunday. He and I got to eat out Friday night and the next day, he went into the city to have a day to himself. Sunday he started a new brew that he is looking forward to trying.

Ivan's ski trip was cancelled today. They are still having school it's -40 (where fareinheit and Celcius meet) so a bit nippy to be skiing, but not cold enough to cancel school. They have been having indoor recess, which my kids love, but I'm sure it's driving the teachers a little batty. Grace to them all today and through the week. They say it might get up to just -1 by the weekend. That would be crazy, but nice.

These dress up pics were taken as the kids were playing at Olivia's house. They are dressing up in her little dog's outfits and lifejacket. We had a fun lunch there and time together.

thanks go to Olivia for sharing pics too!

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Olivia said...

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! I love the one of Emora with the life jacket on.