Monday, January 23, 2012

Trip tales part 10

This is called- way too many pictures in one blog post.

This was the last time I got to see Tighe in person, on this trip ;( They say "parting is such sweet sorrow" but sometimes I think it's just sorrow. Especially knowing how much I would miss her and all our other friends. Before when we left, I didn't know how hard it would be to not have people around that I treasured so much and who had become such a vital part of our lives and support system. During our move, I was thinking about the long drive and u-hauling all our stuff and what might await us in Canada. There was none of that this time to shield me from the hurt of saying "goodbye- until we see each other again".

Thankfully there are phones and the internet, so we are not totally disconnected. Can you imagine what it was like for pioneers (my great grandparents) when they left Europe to cross a huge ocean, face the unknown and leave FOREVER their family and friends, to face harsh cold CANADA with barely anyone living close even, few tools and resources, crazy epidemics, without doctors, childbirth without hospitals, no phones, electricity, internet, plumbing, cars, airplanes, facebook... I am SO GLAD I was born now and here and to the family I was born into!! So I'm not going to complain that I miss my friends. It could have been much worse.

and see technology let me keep all these memories on little clear pictures...

what a lovely day, and what lovely times.

and we are adding to our repertoir of friends here, albeit slowly...

I am so so thankful to the Muirheads and the Koops, who immediately welcomed us in and befriended us- it's good to have cousins in town and my favorite memories here have their faces speckled throughout.

We are discovering the charms of small town and of Fort Qu'Appelle and the joys of school and growing and learning and being where we are meant to be.

It's not always easy, but we can cling to our treasure trove of happy days afar and here and know that we are very very blessed people.

The trip gave me lots of perspective adjustements. I realized that while it is way more expensive in Canada, prices shot up some in the States too.

I remembered again that Fort Qu'Appelle is incredible gorgeous and that we need to get out and let the beauty soak into our beings.

I remembered that we made a "fair trade" of insanely hot for insanely cold- maybe Brian and I are just people of extremes ;)

Abilene had a lot of great things to do for cheap or free, but there are things here too, it just took some time to find them.

I realized that while the miles are long, it's so worth the drive. Abilene has a lot of people who have shaped our lives and touched our hearts like no others can, but there are people here doing that too. Best friends are not made in a day, but in years, events and circumstances that mold us together. I am thankful and grateful for all the "best friends" I've had through the years. My cousin told me that I was not allowed to have so many "best" friends. But everywhere I've lived, I had one person who become a "bosom buddy" as Anne would say. I've come to the realization and acceptance that we don't always continue the journey relationally when distance comes into play- those people are still vital to who we are, but the Lover brings others alongside us for the next part of the trip. Somehow this time, I was able to snag at least one best friend along for the long haul. I'll always be thankful to Texas for giving me Brian!! and also perhaps for giving me some life long journeyers, who we can keep sharing our hearts with, who will not fade away in the tapestry of our memories, but continue to shed light in our journey thanks to connections of the heart and phone and internet and miles traveled to meet up over the years.

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