Friday, January 13, 2012

Trip tales part 5

I still have a ton of pics to share from our trip, but I am not taking many these days since we got home, so I guess I have plenty of time to post until I have a little file of new ones.

The weather is so crazy this year... barely any snow, really warm days interspersed with really cold days. It's weird! This was our first week to be back and I was surprised to see that I do not hate the school schedule as much as I thought! It was actually kind of nice! ack, there I said it.

Today was fun, it was Hawaian picnic day at school, so we did our best at being Hawaians, ate on the gym floor of Ivan's school with a bunch of cousins, aunty and uncle, school friends and people we know from in the community. They made us pina colada ice drinks (sans rum) and it was a great way to start the weekend- with a school party.
Do you see our old house behind the girls? We were visiting our former neighbors, going in their homes and saying hello. Dominique kept wanting to visit whoever lives in our old house, that we do not know. She kept saying "let's go in that house!" We couldn't of course, but I think we all wanted to walk through and see what it is like now. We did drive through the alley and saw our old yard and the kids were very thrilled to see our art work still on the fence.

These were our neighbors across the street. Very precious people who helped us a lot.

This was in Bontera Blue- a very classy restaurant by our very classy friends. Brian got to play there one night and I had the best steak, the best sweet potatoe fries and the best lemonade EVER!!! I'm serious. The lemonade was made with prickly pear puree (the fruit off cactus plants). It was all exquisite and we are so impressed with our amazing, talented friends. We have lots of talented friends which is so very, very fun ;)

Paula is a terrific friend who went with me to watch Brian and eat. Oh yeah, we walked in on rose petals and listened to some fabulous live music!

New Years eve we spent at Grandma Wynetta's house. Dave and Amy Sue were friends of Brian's from his college days and while they no longer live in Abilene, we and others were able to convince them to come so that we could see them and meet their wonderful trio. The kids loved watching a movie together while the adults got caught up. They live in one of the hottest places on earth and us in one of the coldest, so we should really figure out a way to share homes in the miserablest times of the year! They are in Arizona and said that some days this summer it was even too hot to swim in their pool! They said people would order in big blocks of ice to put in their pools for a pool party! So I'm going to picture hot pool water as I dive into the cold lakes this summer ;) Lap swimming is really way better in cooler water and maybe the kids will acclimatize some this year?? Or maybe I'll get a wet suit ;)

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GMS said...

Really great pictures and really great memories. I know you probably wish you could go more often but all three kids seem to be adjusting well to being Canadian.