Monday, December 26, 2011

my little performers

Last year at the Christmas concert, Ivan looked terrified, but this year, he looked terrific!

He performed in a play that he performed for his classmates. He was supposed to do it for the school Wed., but we won't be here, so the teacher is going to take his place. But Brian, Emora and I got to watch it and we were so proud of him. He worked hard at it and did really well.
I was a little surprised to see that Dominique was a bit scared looking on stage. She is always performing for us at home with gusto, but I guess it's different with 500 people watching and big lights (I really have no idea how many people were there, but it was packed).

Emora had lots of fun watching the performances and hanging out with auntie and uncle and cousins. I think in the pic with Mike, she has her best ever smile for the camera. Usually she makes a fake looking smile, but I took the picture on the sly while they were having fun and the true delight was all over her face!


GMS said...

I agree about the "good smile".
School performances can be good and scary at the same time.
Great pictures.

Ian said...

They are all great characters!

kevin21 said...

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