Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trip tales part 6

I hope you're not bored with these, I still have lots to go! That's the thing with digital, you can take tons and tons of pictures. Here was some of our fun with a visit to the Vann's farm. Joey and Angie earned the super duper amazing friends by helping us with the crazy drive North upon our move. Joey drove Brian's truck and Angie and I took turns driving the kid mobile. Whoever wasn't driving was on dvd, snacks and calming kids duty. Emora was pretty young then and I do remember at one point getting in the back because it was the only thing to keep her happy those long hours in a van driving to Canada. Brian was master navigator and uhaul driver, picnic spot picker, potty break enforcer and wind break.
But back in Texas, the kids didn't seem to mind being in confined spaces, they loved being in the dog crates and played that they were doggies for quite a while.
We got to see the goats...and walk around, have fun food and catch up.

This is another very talented friend of ours. Olivia is a pro photographer. She took some pics of us before we left Texas. Angie had made some of them into a poster and gave it to us this visit. It is an amazing treasure that captures that time in our life and made me realize just how little the kids were just 1.5 years ago!

We had a fun morning playing at the park. This was my favorite swing there. It's shaped like an adult chair so that moms can swing in it with baby. I first sat in it the year they built it, when Ivan was born!

Here I am with Elijah, Tighe's youngest who is so very cute! Almost makes me want another one, ALMOST, but not quite.
Tighe is so gorgeous! Love this pic of her ;)

Can you tell Olivia's a photographer? I love how photographers will get to whatever position to make the shot.

Here is what she saw- an amazing bouquet of faces. Thanks again Olivia! You are an amazing woman ;)

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Olivia said...

So sweet! I love it! I had no clue you snapped a photo of me getting that shot! LOL! TOO FUNNY! I laughed so hard when I saw it. I enjoyed seeing you all. Love you.