Friday, June 03, 2011

In the village of Lebret

Dominique declared that we should have a picnic and we'd thought of visiting the village of Lebret to see the remains of a former residential school and to climb the hill where the catholic church has put the stations of the cross and a chapel overlooking the valley. Here we are at the Catholic church. They have a small museum inside that we had toured the last time Nana had come.

The path up from the big church up the hill to the last cross is seen clearly here.

What was not as clearly marked was the high level of aerobic workout that we would be enduring!

Emora warming up on what she and Dominique thought was a reproduction of a mound of whipped cream with a cherry on top.

This little chapel was up part way on the hill.

We made it! I was huffing and puffing and my heart was racing- I'll tell you that. Of course Emora wanted me to carry her most the way. Maybe I can work up to doing this hike without so much difficulty!!

Then we had to get back down!!

But it was worth it, a great view over the valley and a fun little hike, lunch along the shore of Mission lake with the mallards singing us a little song. You could see that there is still a fair amount of flooding here. They say it will take months for levels to get back to normal and that no one should swim in the lakes this year. I'm in mourning! I can't really complain, my house was not flooded at least, but I'd been looking forward all year to swimming out there. I wish some engineer would tell us we could just throw some bleach in there and it'd be safe. That's what they do at the pools. OK, so I'm not the best environmentalist out there!!


Ian said...

Sounds like it was a good workout.

Davis Family said...

Ah, that is tough, having nice beaches and places to swim and not able to do so. Sheesh! Sounds like you can make all sorts of fun anyhow.